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Value Preposition

Would you be interested in knowing steps which might help you get a decent job quickly and start earning? Want to know the cost of each opportunity you are loosing?

In the competitive world, it is very challenging to get a decent job that matches your skill. Want to know the worth of a talent person in IT industry?

Here is a report from PayScale, a career research company, collected about average salary of Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer (entry level, less than one year experience) in India

Salary per year  = Rs. 117785 to Rs. 468505

Salary per month = Rs. 9815 to Rs. 39042

Median salary per year = Rs. 358245

Median salary per year = Rs. 29854

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Each month in spending in searching for a job without arming himself/herself is letting a job seeker not to earn his portion Rs. 29854 (median) or Rs. 9815 (lowest in range).


Whats your next step?