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Interview Workshop

Want to know how to impress interviewer? Want to learn it hard way or smart way? Be smart and learn it from professionals, who got many years of experience.

For freshers or entry level professionals, it is very important to build the skills that are necessary to face interviews. Our carefully crafted workshop will help you understand the usual structure interviewer(s) follow. Most of the times, it is not just about how strong you are on technical front and what are your grades or percentages in your schooling or graduation. Percentages may help your resume get short listed by selection panel and technical skill assessment is part of overall interview process. Having knowledge is one side of the coin and presenting it when it is required is another side of the coin.

Our unique workshop is designed to make you aware of the patterns interviewer usually follows during interview and the candidate selection process followed in common by companies. Individual and group role plays, random mock interviews, assessments, presentation records included to keep the workshop very interactive and practice oriented. Greater focus given for fresh graduates looking for bright career in Information Technology sector.


  • Things to do before applying for job
  • How to apply for a job
  • What matters to get shortlisted
  • How to get referred
  • Walk-ins and Walk-outs
  • Things to do before attending interview
  • How to overcome fear and gain confidence
  • How to perform while attending interview
  • What to do after attending interview
  • Things you miss usually
  • Things to DO and Things NOT-TO-DO
  • How to get visible while your are waiting to get a job
  • Is it always about great jobs?
  • How to select best one if you have more than one offer

Who can attend:

  • Fresh graduates looking for job
  • Entry level professionals looking for a change
  • Any IT or non-IT professional who wants to improve interview facing skills