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This is to inform all concerned that Mahtia Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides JustInterviewMe as a paid service(s) to seekers of such service(s). If any, free charge service(s) will be mentioned explicitly.

JustInterviewMe provides mock interview services and guidance to interviewee/job seeker through various workshops. Interviewee or Job Seeker can join such workshops or utilize services of JustInterviewMe on his/her own discretion. However, JustInterview.Me does not guarantee success of any interview/meeting/discussion that the participant is appearing/facing while seeking a job for him/her.

JustInterviewMe does not provide job assistance or job assurance or job guarantee or placement consultancy. It is to inform that the job seeker will not expect any of such aforementioned services from JustInterviewMe.

JustInterviewMe is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, any such communication via email, sms or phone call by a frivolous source claiming to have got the contact details of the person concerned through or representing JustInterviewMe. JustInterviewMe highly recommends to cross verify authenticity of such person who contacted, before stepping forward for services.

JustInterviewMe conducts mock interviews, which are to simulate the how actual interview might be. It is to inform the job seeker that he/she should not assume such services as real one and should not expect a job after availing such services.